Dermatologists, doctors and health professionals and their patients are faced with numerous problems that can be treated with customized medication:

  • acne
  • psoriasis
  • eczema
  • rosacea
  • sunburn
  • hair loss
  • fungal and viral infections
  • sun-aged skin
  • damaged nails
  • dandruff
  • scars

When you have a problem that’s difficult to treat or if you’re experiencing side effects from medications, call your compounding pharmacist. We can prepare personalized formulas containing the necessary medication and in the dosage form most effective for the affected area.

Topical anesthetics

The topical anesthetic gel acts fast and is very safe to use. 

Therapy for tough problems:

–       We can create customized formulas that contain numerous medications to create a synergetic effect for the treatment of persistent acne.

      Specific therapies are available for viral warts, as well as for psoriasis.

      Immunotherapy can be used to treat alopecia.

      Patients with vitiligio have a low level of catalase in their epidermis in association with high level of hydrogen peroxide.  

Skin care treatment

Callouses and dry skin can be treated with the use of topical hydrants like silicone. We could specialized equipment like a balm mill, which allows us to prepare formulas containing active ingredients at much higher concentrations.


A sunscreen like micronized zinc oxide can be added to topical formulas to diminish the susceptibility to photosensitive reactions.

Protective Creams

Protective creams can be formulated to minimize the development of contact dermatitis, as part of incontinence skincare protocol, or to treat strong diaper rash.


After a proper analysis reveals dry, oil or aged areas of the skin, we can provide the solution to each in a cosmetic base containing exfoliants, emoliants, and micro-nutrients necessary for the rejuvenation of the skin cells. 

Pleasant Cosmetic Preparations

Compounding pharmacists continue to develop new bases to improve esthetic and therapeutic aspects of pharmaceutical compounding. For instance, anhydrous gels deliver medications which allow quick absorption of the active ingredient into the skin and longer retention of the medication in the epidermis, with a minimal transport of the active medication. These cosmetic gels are very stable and well received by patients.

We work together with doctors and their patients to provide innovative solutions to defeat their medical problems. Please contact our compounding pharmacist for more information or to discuss other therapeutic resolutions to problems.

Medications offer alternatives and advantages for dermatology:

      Change the dosage form: If a patient is incapable of taking their medcation in the commercialized form, or did not respond to medication or showed adverse reactions, numerous options exist. We can prepare the necessary medication in different dosage forms, such as cosmetic creams, balms, transdermal gels, vaporizers, topical powders, lozenges, lollipops, and popsicles.

      Change administrative route: a medication can be commercially available only in oral or injection form, but we can prepare additional therapeutic options by preparing an alternate dosage form that be administered differently. For example, medications are usually administered through transdermal gel, but smaller quantities of active ingredients can be administered seeing as how the medication is not primarily passing through the hepatic metabolism.

      Combination formulas: we can combine medications which are compatible with one another under one dosage form to simplify the administration of the medication, and to improve conformity. Also, an synergistic effect can be obtained when certain medications are used together.

      Medication that are not available: When a medication is temporarily unavailable or production has been interrupted by the manufacturer, we can usually obtain the necessary medication in powder form and prepare a similar product.

      Examination of problematic vehicles: medications can be formulated to eliminate dyeing, sugar, lactose, alcohol or preservatives which are not used.

      The use of penetrating intensifiers: approved chemical products can improve the absorption of the medication applied topically.

      Dosage modification: we can prepare a medication with the closest similarity in medical content to create the necessary outcome and to reduce the risk of negative outcomes.

      Formulas customized to prescribers: often times doctors will develop unique formulas to treat the special needs of their patients. We prepare those personalized medications.