About Paylan Pharmacy

Paylan Pharmacy, founded in 1980 by licensed pharmacist Yetvart Paylan, is Montreal’s premier compounding pharmacy. We provide the highest quality in customized preparations for clients needing specialized medications that otherwise are not available to them in the marketplace. We fill the need that large pharmaceutical companies can’t fulfill. We work with existing formulas but are constantly creating our own innovations through ongoing research and development, lead by our resident chemist.

We also fill regular prescriptions as we are a pharmacy with deep roots in the community. Therefore, if you have a specialized prescription along with regular prescriptions, we can provide you with both services. We work with physicians and other non-compounding pharmacies to ensure that their patients’ needs are taken care of as well.

Paylan Pharmacy houses one standard compounding lab, and two sterile labs. Our staff includes pharmacists, lab technicians and administrative support.

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Pharmacy Team

Yetvart Paylan

Owner Pharmacist

Tuan Ngyuen

Chief Pharmacy Technician

Brahima Kané

Chief Laboratory Technician

Taline Najarian

Pharmacist and Quality Control

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