Professional compounding is the essence of the pharmaceutical professional’s new practices. By preparing a personalized form or dosage of medication, the pharmacist underlines the importance of his/her profession. He then gives a better follow-up to his patient’s special needs and to the doctor’s requirements.

Being the ultimate authority for the compatibility of the medication, the pharmacist and his assistants are offering a medical expertise doctors cannot ignore as certain drugs are not available on the market. Occasionally, doctors call a pharmacist to ask whether he could supply them with a sterile medication, or compound one in a liquid form or as a suppository, when those products are only available in a tablet or capsule form.

Our pharmaceutical expertise is the number one solution for doctors to obtain the desired mixture of medications formulated in a manner specially adapted to their individual patient. It is not just a matter of executing a prescription, but rather to personalize the preparation and presentation of the product, affixing precise instructions on the package and informing the patient on the best way to use it.

To reformulate a drug from A to Z does not mean that modern serial production methods are not efficient and appropriate. Rather, in certain cases, the return to compounded preparations gives a better answer to the patients specific needs. Some of them cannot swallow tablets or capsules, others are put-off by the bitter taste of a liquid medication, while some are allergic to one of the medication’s components.

By just adding a flavor chosen by the patient, the most off-putting medication can become easy to ingest. In the long run, the medication that a patient cannot ingest and must discard isn’t cost effective for them. Professional compounding overcomes that problem. It provides a personalized approach to the customer’s specific needs in accordance with the doctor’s prescriptions, thus making their life a lot easier.

To develop this professional ability, pharmacists must invest countless hours in research, teaching and chemical analysis of the medications. Pharmacy Paylan has done just that, and as a member of PCCA, we are dedicated to keeping the highest standard of practice in the field of professional compounding.